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Latest product

  • Flat Welded Wedge Wire Screen

    Flat welded wedge wire screen can be constructed using triangle support rods or round support rods and flat bar. It is manufactured by wrapping and welding stainless steel V-shaped profile wire cylind...

  • Standard Wedge Wire Wrapped Screen Pipe

    Standard wedge wire wrapped screen pipe (external circumferential wire and axial internal support rods) is a kind of strainers that flow from outside to inside filtration, with smooth external screen ...

  • Standard Sieve Bend Screen

    Standard sieve bend screen is manufactured by wrapping and welding vee type profile wires cylindrically around support rods, then be made into panel screen through cutting and radian processing. the s...

  • Wedge Wire Centrifuge Baskets

    Wedge wire centrifuge basket is designed to suit horizontal and vertical centrifuges of both vibrating and scroll types, it is a main part of centrifugal dryers that utilise high-speed rotating or axi...

  • Reverse Formed Wedge Wire Screen Pipes

    Reverse formed wedge wire screen pipe (internal circumferential wire with external axial support rods) is a kind of strainers that flow from inside to outside filtration, with smooth working surface i...

  • Internal Axial Wire Screen Pipes

    Internal axial wedge wire screen pipe (internal axial wire with external circumferential support rods) is a kind of strainers that flow from inside to outside filtration. It is made of wrapped screen ...

  • Custom Made Sieve Bend Screen

    Sieve bend screen can be custom made and designed for application in a wide range of industries. The screen is manufactured by flat wedge wire screen through radian processing, creat a curved face of ...

  • Wedge Wire Screen Baskets

    Wedge wire screen basket can be custom made and designed for filtration equipments, for solid-liquid separation. This kind basket is manufactured by wedge wire screen panels, after cuting, rolled, wel...

  • Bridge Slotted Spiral Welded Pipe

    Bridge slotted spiral welded screen pipe are mainly used in the aquifer, its special craft structure prevent sand enter into the slot, change the flow of water, and reduce water resistance

  • Wedge Wire Screen With Frame

    Wedge wire screen with frame is a kind of vibrating screen panels that have a polyurethane edge or metal edge. Polyurethane frame is injection moulded and the wedge wire inserted is mechanically faste...

  • Wire Wrapped Screen

    Wedge wire wrapped sand control screen used as well screen provides down-hole sand control in oil, gas, waterflood, steamflood, water, and disposal wells. The screen is a filtration system for preventing sand and gravel from entering the screen, while allowing production fluid to flow into the well

  • Gravel Pack Screen

    Gravel pack screens also known as pre-pack screens, they are combination with a gravel pack that better to prevents fine formation sediments from entering the screen in sand control systems. They are ...

  • Premium Sand Control Screens

    Premium sand control screen also known as compound sand control screen, it is manufactured with sintered mesh and stainless steel protection screen

  • Slotted Liner Screen

    Slotted liner screen is one of the oldest sand control methods, is tubing with series of slots cut through a wall of tubular in an axial orientation. It is chiefly used as the water and oil reservatio...

  • Perforated Pipe

    Perforated casing pipe is manufactured by multi spindle drill presses, it is usually used as a protect casing or supporting pipe of other well screens

  • Perforated Spiral Welded Pipe

    Perforated spiral welded pipes are made of perforated sheet, widely used in the petroleum industry as interior and outer protective covers for petroleum sand control pipes

  • Wave Shaker Screen

    Wave shaker shaker screen also known as pyramid shale shaker screen, its effective filtration area is 125% to 150% of flat surface's

  • Flat Shaker Screen

    90 degree hook strip and hard hook strip flat shale shaker screens are commonly petroleum shaker screen, they can be widely used in difference conditions drilling works

  • Steel Frame Shaker Screen

    Steel frame shaker screen is also a kind of common petroleum shale shaker screen, widely used for drilling mud solids control of oil & gas well drilling

  • Hook Strip Soft Screen

    Hook strip soft screen has advantage of its effective filtration area is bigger than plate screen and the price is lower, but the service life is short.